Vintage classics

Price Luber

A lifelong classical musician, Price now performs on a variety of percussion instruments across several musical genres. He is an award-winning photographer, an avid hiker, and works with primates during the day. Price has been married since the Disco era.

Maurice Wiebelhaus

Lead singer Maurice arrived in Hillsboro just over four years ago and began crafting his  natural mid-range voice in open mics, retirement homes, homeless shelters and local fundraising efforts. His versatility allows him to sing and promote all genres of music with talented musicians who are aspiring to be their best! He believes that music has the ability to touch, heal, inspire, bring communities together and help to make a difference in people’s lives!

Phil Lopez

Phil loves playing his custom 1972 Fender Telecaster Deluxe! he picked up the guitar at age 13 and is still rockin'! Phil enjoys jamming and learning from other guitarists. The best part of his journey in the music world was marrying his first groupie!! (the lovely and gracious Alice).

Meet the members

Jesse Soderstrom

When Jesse turned 15, he took his first guitar lesson. Dan the 'Doctor of Rock', a chiropractor by trade, asked him what he would like to learn. Jesse said, "I want to know all the tricks." Jess enjoys playing and singing. Resident of Hillsboro, Jesse lives with his wife and son. He is a full-time meat cutter, husband and father. He is a part-time guitarist, writer and friend of small furry creatures.

And when we can get them.....

About Us

Rick Krause

Drums and percussion are his primary instruments of choice. He started playing drums in grade school and continued into high school. Marching band was a drummer’s delight. Musical influences include classic rock, southern rock, and the blues, all from the late sixties throughout the seventies. He’s currently learning from his bandmates to appreciate funk and soul which is great fun to play drums to.

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Mark Newton-

Drums. Coming soon!

Katherine Rhee

Violin is her primary instrument and she has played it since the tender grade school years. Her music interests are broad and diverse: classical guitar, acoustic guitar, hammer dulcimer, anything percussion(!) and most recently, electric bass. She loves classical, ethnic (primarily Latin), R & B,  Funk and of course, vintage rock and roll/classic light rock.